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Dec 15, 2021

Chillin Cheetah

One of the most popular strains, Black Diamond, or the Black Diamond OG Kush, is a North Californian breed famous for its potency and intense aroma. An Indica dominant hybrid, the Black Diamond is world-renowned, from the Blackberry strain and the balanced Diamond OG. Black Diamond strain is highly potent, has a unique and appealing appearance, and has an intense aftertaste and aroma.

Do you see many different ratings on the weed you're buying in-store and online these days? Not sure what they mean? It's understandable as other companies have vastly different ways of rating their bud. Bud Lab uses a system that rates strain A, AA, AAA, and Quad AAAA.
It's important to note that premium and affordable weed are different. The most important aspects that differentiate strains include:

Grown & Dried

This is an essential aspect of a cannabis strain. It's also the strain aspect that affects all of the other categories. How the cannabis plant was grown will play a significant factor in determining whether a strain is a premium or not.
Everything under the sun affects the quality of a cannabis plant, including, but not limited to:

A finished bud's look, shape, and density are essential for a cannabis strain when graded. This one is less complicated to grade than others as it's all about the look and feel of the bud.

When we think about good weed, the first thing that crosses our mind is a quad marijuana strain. The taste would be similar to the smell, and the taste of potent Indica will be left in the user's throat for some time. This strain is recommended to be used as a nighttime smoke by insomnia patients, which is highly sedative. Furthermore, Black Diamond tends to cause hunger in the users and hence can be used by the people who suffer from loss of appetite.
THC: 18-24% | CBD: 1%

Black Diamond Effects

While Black Diamond is famous for its potency and is regularly used by stoners and heavy hitters, it is essentially renowned as a medical strain.
This is because of the strain's ability to effectively treat many conditions, including insomnia, alleviating pains, muscle spasms, nausea, anxiety, and even loss of appetite. BLACK DIAMOND euphoric rush is slowly followed by a body-wide buzzing sensation, which eases any sore or aching muscles and leaves the users in a sedated and severe couch lock. The strain is also famous for giving you a severe case of munchies. So be sure to keep some snacks nearby before you settle down to have the experience of a lifetime.

Black Diamond THC Content

While many people know about the Black Diamond because of its effects, not many are aware of where these come from. The fact is that the Black Diamond descends from two highly potent strains, the Black Diamond OG and the BlackBerry. As a result, Black Diamond contains higher levels of THC than most other strains – between 20% and 24%. Black Diamond strain offers a quick-acting and powerful punch, which is highly effective in treating many conditions. With that being said, Black Diamond should be handled with care, especially by new users who haven't yet experienced this potent strain before.

Black Diamond Appearance

As an AAAA quality strain, the Black Diamond is not only famous for its effects and potency. Instead, it has a certain visual appeal as well.
Since the strain is high-quality, it has to be stored quite carefully to preserve its potency and THC content. This is why customers receive this flower in a mint, beautifully packed condition, with all buds, leaves, and trichomes intact.
The buds themselves are medium-sized and thick, with long orange hairs shooting out of the dense green undergrowth. This is covered with a layer of white trichome crystals, giving the flower a frosted look.

Black Diamond Aroma

Black Diamond's appearance is not the only thing famous about it. The bud also has a uniquely distinctive aroma and taste that is renowned.
As mentioned before, the strain has a relatively robust and spicy aroma, which is somewhat earthy on the exhale and has strong undertones of red wine. The taste of the bud is also similar but has the tones of blackberry infused in it as well. And like most Indica's, the strain leaves behind a strong aftertaste as well.

Where to buy Black Diamond in the GTA?

Black Diamond cannot be found easily in the GTA despite its popularity. The reason is mainly that the strain is quite rare and has a lot of special handling requirements that not everyone can provide.
However, at Chillin Cheetah, we are proud of our vast and diverse range of cannabis flowers. As the oldest dispensary in business, we have the highest quality standards in the market and handle all of our products with the care they deserve. You may want to check the Black Diamond OG and get it delivered to your house.


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