How To determine the Cannabis weed quality?


Feb 15, 2022

Cannabis Weed


Nature has so much in abundance for us humans. Some of its products are labelled as good, some as imperfect, while others are dubious. Dubious because it's the exact usage of the product which determines its title as good or bad. Cannabis Sativa is one such product. Wise men use it for psychoactive recreational drugs, for medical purposes, and even to serve religious or spiritual sentiments.

Now that we concentrate on the cream applications of Cannabis only, we need to understand 'What determines a good quality Cannabis?' Need not worry; there are no rocket science involved or hefty lab results awaiting to identify a good quality Marijuana.

All you need is to concentrate on the power of your sense of touch, taste, smell, and sight to get hold of the best quality Cannabis. Therefore, in this read, you will be introduced to the means to help you get only the best weed delivery.

Strains are the breeds of plants. The first thing to consider while choosing a strain is the cannabinoid profile. For example, CBD and THC are the two active compounds in the marijuana strains. They directly interact with the tissues in our body. Approximately 113 different cannabinoids are digested directly. Scientists are still researching these strains and compounds in detail. However, the essential cannabinoids discovered till now are:

To identify a good quality Marijuana :

Make use of your sense of smell.

Terpenes are the prime source of the characteristic smell of the Cannabis plant. They also give the much popular flavours to Cannabis. So, if you are on hold of a good quality Marijuana, you can experience its strong, potent smell. Unlike inferior quality Cannabis, which exhibits zero smell or smell musty, mildewy, and strange.

The low-quality Marijuana is sometimes labelled "schwag" or "bottom shelf."

Make use of your sense of sight.

With the help of a sense of sight, we must distinguish good weed delivery from bad one based on its colour and looks. An acceptable quality Marijuana is dense in structure with a balanced presence of leaves, seeds, and stems. It appears to be a frosty structure. Whereas in an inferior quality Cannabis, there are visibly more seeds. It is an uncompressed structure with spread-out leaves and stems. The uncompressed structure is because of the not so precise trimming of the plants.

Talking about the colour, good Marijuana quality is believed to possess vibrant hues of green, with orange hair and a few undertones of purple and gold. On the other hand, low-quality Cannabis is dull yellow or brown. Nature itself hints about the depreciating quality of Marijuana through the shades of immature green and dirt yellow flowers. The low-shelf Marijuana has a slightly burned appearance, and its trichomes are amber-coloured. This unpleasant colour is because of the presence of moulds or because of the use of pesticides in its cultivation.

You need to note that the presence of shimmery trichomes is indicative of the potency of the Marijuana flower. These trichomes are the resin glands of the Cannabis flower and possess the flower terpenes and cannabinoids in abundance.

Make use of your sense of touch.

Now, let's touch on our chosen Cannabis to identify it as good or bad. So pick your Cannabis and feel its density and thickness. A good quality Cannabis is composed and does not easily break apart. Whereas low-quality Marijuana is brittle enough to crumble apart when taken in hands. It's scorched. Also, undesirable wet or soft bud is not good because it has a high probability of developing moulds.

The flowers' dense structure indicates its good quality nutrients enriched cultivation. When you touch the buds of quality Cannabis, a certain level of thickness can be noticed because of the presence of cannabinoid-rich resin. If the flowers of the Cannabis plant are too hard, there are high chances of it being cultivated using plant growth regulators. Using these growth regulators ends up giving an undesirable taste of Marijuana.

Proceed with lab tests (if feasible)

Lab tests are undoubtedly the most guaranteed way of determining the quality of Marijuana. When Cannabis is examined in the lab, its terpenes and cannabinoid are the primary subjects of study. The contaminations are also examined carefully. Unlike all the other means of weed examination, lab tests give a detailed insight into the inside of Marijuana.

Few other indicators

Certificate of analysis: Cannabis buyers should always ask for a certificate of analysis from their sellers before finalizing the purchase. This certificate describes the cannabinoids present in flowers, the therapeutic terpenes, and the contaminants.

Ethical producers of Cannabis: Strangely, the small local producers are ethical in their production. They don't cultivate with the sole purpose of profit-making and so focus on the quality growth of the Cannabis Sativa.

Ethical cultivation of Cannabis: Always get your same-day Cannabis delivery is done from a certified ethical cultivation field. Such fields ensure that no artificial chemical supplements the production of Cannabis. Everything is done organically with the right blend of sun, water, soil, and organic fertilizers.

If you buy the product from the dispensary, certain clear indicators help you with the right purchase. The Marijuana is placed on three shelves in any dispensary or categorized into three ranks. The top shelf Marijuana is of the best quality. It's the carefully cultivated one. And as the market rule goes, the top-shelf product is also the most expensive one. So if money is your constraint, opt for middle shelf products, often labelled as "mids." The bottom shelf Marijuana is the least expensive and has the least potent bud. The bottom shelf display is a simple mix of bottom strains of nugs and leftover clippings.

Wrapping up

Now that you are all aware of good quality Marijuana, we trust you to choose the best. It's you who is the prime decision-maker to select a good Cannabis strain. How open-eyed you are while examining the chosen Cannabis determines the extent of its goodness. Therefore, apart from the above deciding factors, please comment below if you have any other related queries.

Pro tip:

Remember, once you have made your best purchase, you need to keep it away from direct sunlight. This is because good Marijuana quality has a shelf life of one year when kept at a distance from heat and light.


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